Be Aware of Fakes

Dear clients, we  CRAZY DRIVE CLUB Agency want to warn you about agencies that try to cheat and fool you. They put a huge amount of fake profiles of girls in different countries at the same time! How can girls be at the same time in different countries?

Our Agency works for more than 10 years already in many countries where we have a reputation because we respect our clients and do our best to provide really the best girls with great services!

Don't trust FAKE AGENCIES with FAKE profiles

Choose CRAZYDRIVECLUB Agency and our REAL girls will satisfy you for 100%

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We analyzed profiles of two agencies that posted profiles in Albania and Croatia. You may check their profiles Gentle Girls and Roxy Models

As you see they're posting the same girls into different sections (counties. cities). But we know that the same girl can not be present in different cities at the same time. It definitely means that most probably they do not have real girls at all. The aim of their activity is aggressive competition but not escort service.

Gentle Girls Scam Agency. Be aware of Fakes
Roxy Scam Agency. Be aware of Fakes

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